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- Our Story -

It all began in Italia


Bill, the chef and co-owner of Billy Vee's, is the first generation of his family born in America. His family ties back to central Italy but just because he wasn't born there, doesn't mean he can't cook with the best of them. Bill learned a majority of his skills from his grandmother cooking with her from the time he could hold a spoon in his hand. 

Beyond learning from family, Bill also practiced his cooking expertise as an apprentice under a French chef and worked in many renowned restaurants in the greater Chicago area where he grew up with his family. Through much of his years he spent time starting up and running restaurants, helping others create enticing menus, and managing large scale event centers. It is through this work that he met his wife Pam who is the other key component to Billy Vee's.  Pam managed food and beverage at top notch country clubs in Iowa before helping Bill run and manage a successful restaurant in North Carolina for years. 

After some time in North Carolina, Bill and Pam decided to make the trek back to Iowa. It is here they forged on in the restaurant business before opening Billy Vee's and gracing us all with the most delicious Italian food.  Bill and Pam also strive to shop all ingredients local and even fly in some specialty items known only to Italy for some of their dishes!

Whether it is a date, a work dinner, or out with the family, Billy Vee's is sure to please everyone and leave you with a happy, full belly!

“House dinning that deserves repeat visits with great food from great service!” 

 -   Kevin B, Indianola -



“Really nice outdoor patio space to sit in the sun and enjoy a large menu  of classics from Italy!”

-  Patrick D, Des Moines  -

“Best Italian food I have ever had! It was small and quaint and nothing tasted frozen!”

-  Ashley Marie D, San Francisco  -

* * * 
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